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The marijuana industry in Las Vegas is a booming business since the official legalization of recreational weed in January, 1st 2017. Many people do not have much information about the plant products and the laws governing their usage. There is a need to have forums that can educate people on cannabis laws and their usage.

Vegas Cannabis Summit, for example, is one of the events aimed at providing educational information from the sector gurus. It also brings together the industry dealers to showcase their products, VIP events and performances to keep individuals entertained. The convention covers topics like compliance and management to shed light on the legal marijuana use and its market. Only persons of 21 years age and above are allowed to attend these conventions.

The Cannabis plant can be sold in 3 forms:

· Flower

· Edibles

· Concentrates

If you are a resident or a visitor of Las Vegas, you are required to know the following to avoid getting yourself in the wrong arms of the law;

  • Buying and Selling of Cannabis: Vegas weed laws require that you must be 21 years of age or older in order to purchase and consume recreational dope. It is a must for you to provide your original ID to prove your identity.

·Children below 18 years are allowed to only consume medicinal marijuana but they have to be registered medical cardholders and have certification as proof of consent from their parents or guardians.

· It is illegal to share or sell weed to persons below 18 years.

· Any child who fakes to be 21 years or over to access weed can be charged with misdemeanor

· It is illegal to gift Cannabis to persons under 18 years. The penalty varies depending on the complexity of the incident.

· Legalization of dope does not mean that you can purchase it from anywhere. Only authorized vendors are allowed to sell recreational cannabis.
·Medicinal cardholders or their caregivers can access therapeutical dope from various hospitals around the state.
·You will need to bring cash money for your purchases since most dispensaries don’t yet have banking or cards payments.

  • Areas of Smoking Weed

·You can enjoy your Cannabis from the comfort of your home. If you live in a rented apartment or building, it is wise to check with your residence rules requirements. Some landlords won’t allow you to smoke weed from their house and if that is your case, you will need to look for an alternative smoking area.

· Smoking Cannabis in other private areas is allowed as long as the property owner authorizes its smoking.

· It is illegal to consume or smoke Marijuana in public places, as a passenger in a car or from retail shops. A violation of this law can attract a fine of up to $600.

· If you are in a public area, you can quench your weed cravings by using edibles like cookies, lollipops, brownies and the like. They are portable anywhere.

· Dope is not allowed in public places like restaurants, casinos, public parks, theatre rooms, bars, etc.

·Most hotels do not allow its smoking or consumption in the hotels, therefore, if you intend to spend time in a hotel is essential to check what their rules are regarding weed and its usage.

·You can plan to attend any of the various events around the state like Vegas Cannabis Summit, for example, which are organized to share more knowledge with the public regarding these laws.

  • Transportation of Marijuana

It is lawful to carry weed in your car as long as it is within the required limit.

You are required to have 1 ounce of the flower of recreational dope or 1/8th of an ounce of edibles or concentrates in your car or on you as you walk around the city.

It is illegal to transport weed from one state to another.

  • Driving Under The Influence of Weed

· It is a serious offense to drive under the influence of dope while driving in Las Vegas and can attract hefty penalties.

· The technology for testing for THC is so effective that it can flag you for being under the influence of Cannabis even when you haven’t used it in several days.

· Avoid consuming Marijuana before driving to reduce your chances of being flagged for driving under the influence.

Motorists are thought-out as driving under the influence of weed if they are caught under the following situations;

· The motorist blood is contaminated with at least 2 nanograms per ml of weed.

·Marijuana impaired can prevent the driver to safely drive his car.

The penalties for driving under the influence include and are not limited to;

· 2 days to 6 months of a jail term or 24 to 96 hours of community service.

· $400 to $1000 court fine.

· 90 days License suspension for the influence motorist.

Home Grows

Cannabis home grows is not authorized in Las Vegas. However, it is lawful for you to grow weed if you meet the following circumstances;

. Your residence is 25 miles away from a Marijuana vendor

· You don’t plant more than 6 plants per individual in a family. A maximum of 12 plants is allowed per household.

· Your plants should be planted in an area that is away from the public eye like a greenhouse, or inside a room.

· You are the facility owner or have been granted permission to grow dope by the property legal owner.

  • Purchase of Paraphernalia

Vegas Cannabis law authorizes purchase, ownership, use, and sale of weed paraphernalia. The paraphernalia includes bongs, growing tools or materials, pipes, etc. Also CBD of course (see the best CBD oil).

Through Vegas Cannabis Summit, parents and guardians are able to obtain a great wealth of knowledge on plant usage and its products. There are many Marijuana products in the market and this can prove to be a challenge to the parents to identify them. Kids can also mistake dope edibles for ordinary candies, therefore, it is essential for parents to store any Cannabis out of children’s reach.

If you are resident or a visitor of Vegas, ensure you are familiar with the above Vegas weed laws. You do not want to get yourself in trouble with the lawmakers.